After seven generations of guitar makers artisans we can see the trajectory so famous for the Carrillo family. From the eighteenth century when the ancestors of Vicente Carrillo began with the construction of guitars to this day.

- Alfonso Anselmo Alarcón (1744 - ...?) - Juan de la Mata Alarcón (1744 - ...?)

- Felipe Manuel Carrillo (1807 - ...?)

- Blas Carrillo Alarcón (1836 - 1919)

- Vicente Carrillo López (1881 - 1962)

- Vicente Carrillo Cantos (1926 - 1971)

- Gabriela Casas Fornier (viuda de Vicente Carrillo Cantos, 1928 - 2005)

- Vicente Carrillo Casas (1963?)

The story tell us, Mr. Alfonso Anselmo Alarcón (born around 1744) He was summoned to a trial in Granada and the time he remained in that city, he learned the trade of the Grenadian guitar artisans.

Mr. Blas Carrillo Alarcón, first guitar artisan of Carrillo Family, and direct descendant of the first guitar makers of Casasimarro, is the person who begins to give fame to the town of Casasimarro as “The People of the Guitars”.

The story also tells us that Mr. Vicente Carrillo López (1881-1962) had the fabulous idea of take his guitars and bring them to the International Fair of Seville, held in 1929. While in his position, when the guitar artisan decides to take a break, a murmur of the crowd, which shortly after becomes raised screaming and pushing everywhere, appears the figure of Queen Victoria Eugenia de Battenberg, wife of Alfonso XIII, with a "very large group of guardians" - said Vicente Carrillo López- . After contemplating the small exhibition of the La Mancha guitars, she is interested in the price of one of them. The guitarist, his voice broken by emotion, tells the Sovereign: "Majesty, accept this gift from a humble guitarist." The news spread throughout Seville, and a Sevillian colleague who had witnessed the scene bought all the merchandise. The anecdote has been commented on many occasions when talking about the guitar manufactured in Casasimarro.

Mr. Vicente Carrillo Cantos, in 1970 he was awarded the TITLE OF “DISTINGUISHED CRAFTSMAN AT NATIONAL LEVEL”. He expands the family market and disseminates the Carrillo label not only for Castilla-La Mancha and Spain, around the world, from Japan to the United States and from Europe to lands of South and Central America.

Mrs. Gabriela Casas Fornier, in 1971 she takes over the workshop before the death of her husband, D. Vicente Carrillo Cantos. And in 1997, the Board of Communities of Castilla-La Mancha granted her the TITLE "ARTISAN MASTER" in recognition of her experience, success and keeping the company and the maintenance of such an artisan craft.

Today, Vicente and Gabriela's son Vicente Carrillo Casas maintains the family label. There is something that characterizes Vicente Carrillo and is his desire for perfection and improvement for the delicate work in the construction of his instruments. Instruments of which so many and such prestigious guitarists as “Paco de Lucía, Tomatito, J.M. Cañizares, El Niño Josele, Vicente Amigo, Rafael Cañizares, Javier Limón, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, Josemi Carmona, Duo Montes Kircher, Zoran Dukic, René Izquierdo among many others ......., have not hesitated to have and Enjoy in their hands and that so many good times have given us and will continue to give.

There are many awards and prizes that have been awarded to Vicente Carrillo Casas, the Regional Handicraft Prize in 2009 and the National Handicraft Prize in 2010.



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