Method "Dichoso Músico Mustio"

"Dichoso Músico Mustio" Method.


Oscar Herrero editions.

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That a musician talk about music is the most normal thing in the world. For a doctor to talk about diseases, it is no less. But that a medical professional, excellent musician and excellent composer, do it with the authority that confers the experience in both fields, not only is it interesting but also gives us the opportunity to enter the exciting world of the pathologies of this art .

Often, when we ask an academic training musician about the type of music he plays, we find with surprise that it does not match at all with the music he hears or with the one he likes or motivates in the background. It is very possible, moreover, that this has been a constant during the formative years in which it will surely have been considered a better or worse student in function, not of his aptitudes for music, but of his ability to accept the norms imposed by This or that conservatory.

"Dichoso Músico Mustio", a way to deal intelligently and sensibly with what has often been considered ineptitude, low altitude or mediocrity to dry.

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